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XTMpro-R - MIDI Switcher | Adapter

 I am using the XTMpro-R to manage my setup and I′m controling it with the X10 foot controller. The quality and precis workmanship is fully road proof and the devices are completely reliable in everyday life situation. Using a small laptop, I′m programming my effect units and the amp absolutely comfortably, changing my sounds and I can save the settings to the hard disk any time. Since I play in several bands and have to be flexible, I can instantly recall the previously created configuration. 
Martin Lukas, Germany

The XTMpro-R MIDI Switcher is the control center for a complete guitar rig. Four relays perform the tasks that are usually done by simple foot switches (such as amp channel switching, effects On/Off, Boost, etc). Thus, the analogue switching capabilities of guitar amps can be integrated in a MIDI setup.

The XTMpro-R MIDI Switcher is the interface between StageWire and MIDI. The Prostage foot controllers are connected to the XTMpro-R using a standard microphone cable. The MIDI Switcher supplies the connected foot controller(s) with power.

MIDI compatible equipment is connected to one of the two MIDI outputs. A standart MIDI foot controller can be connected to the MIDI In.

Furthermore, the XTMpro-R Amp Channel Switcher offers an extensive MIDI mapping to control all kind of MIDI devices as well as a tap function. As an alternative, the Tap relay output can also be used for switching amp channels (per preset programmable).

The programming is very simple and easy with the free System Manager software (Mac & PC). 128 presets can be stored. Using the four switches and the store button at the XTMpro-R, the functions can be operated manually and presets can be stored very easily.

The XTMpro-R MIDI Amp Channel Switcher is suitable for switching and managing the complete guitar system.

  • Interface between StageWire and MIDI
  • Power supply for the Prostage foot controllers
  • 4 independent (isolated) Relais-Outputs for switching amps (channels, boost, ...)
  • MIDI-Mapper: Up to eight different devices can be controlled using individual program change or control change commands - each with their own MIDI channel.
  • Control Change converter: depending on the preset number, incoming Control Change commands can be converted into others. Example: on preset 1, the expression pedal controls the Remote WahWah. On preset 2 it controls the flanger of a 19" effects unit, ....
  • Router: the incoming MIDI data and switching commands can be sent to two MIDI Outs as well as the StageWire bus.
  • The song tempo (BPM) can be freely defined per preset. At preset change, the tempo is sent as MIDI command or via the tap relay output.
  • Additional switching relay that can either be used as Tap to control delays and multi-effect devices, or as per preset programmable relay to switch amp channels.
  • 128 presets can be stored.
  • LED display for the switching states
  • Simple programming of the relais using the four switches and the store button
  • Advanced programming using the clearly structured System Manager software on your Mac or PC. (Connection via USB).
  • Connections: StageWire, USB, 1x MIDI In, 2x MIDI Out, 4x switching relay (toggle switch / jack connector), Tap-Relais (toggle switch / jack connector), power supply
  • Sturdy case made of steel sheet.
  • Power supply: 9-12V AC or DC
  • Dimensions (without mounting lugs): 162 x 52 x 44 mm

Required accessories:
12V AC Power supply

Also available as XTMpro version without relais outputs.

Test Reports

Test reports are available only in German at the moment.

Videos (You Tube)

Prostage product presentation
XTMpro | X05 & X07 Foot Controller
System Manager Software




Great for controlling preamps and building a complete profession

Using this with a Mesa preamp in a non midi setup it performs perfectly for controlling the channels in combination with the XDS Looper and X10 Foot Pedal.

I am really pleased with the performance and sound quality of all the Prostage gear. After trying out many different setups over the years I always had some detail that I wanted to fix or improve. The Prostage gear has gotten me as close to perfection in a rack rig to where there isn't much left to do but play!



Hallo Lukas
Entlich kann ich meine im Rack verbauten Free the Tone midifähigen Pedale steuern und umschalten.Der Editor zum Programieren ist sehr gut und verständlich aufgebaut.
Sehr gut sind auch die Laschen zur Befestigung des Mappers im Rack.
Unbedingt empehlenswert.
Gruss aus CH



"Ich benutze für die Verwaltung meines Setups das XTMpro-R und steuere es mit dem X10 Footcontroller. Die Qualität und exakte Verarbeitung ist voll roadtauglich und die Geräte arbeiten absolut zuverlässig im Bühnenalltag. Mittels kleinem Laptop programmiere ich absolut komfortabel meine Effektgeräte und den Amp, stelle meine Sounds um und kann die Einstellung jederzeit auf der Festplatte sichern. Da ich in mehreren Bands spiele und flexibel sein muss, kann ich für Jedes Setup sofort die vorher angelegten Konfiguration aufrufen."



Ich habe den X05 und X07 Footcontroller und ein XTM Pro Modul. Ich muss sagen diese Teile sind ein SEGEN für jeden Gitarristen. Robust, klar strukturiert, einfach zu bedienen und ENORM flexibel! Und sehen auch noch toll aus. Was mich an meisten von den Prostage Produkten überzeugt, ist die Tatsache das hier mitgedacht wird. Viele der Features sind ohne Zweifel aus der Praxis entstanden und nicht auf dem Designboard irgendeines Japanischen Diplomingenieurs :-) Funktionen wie z.B. Sidekick, last used, tap tempo und die Schaltrelais sind hier ein Beispiel. Die Verbindung zum Footcontroller über XLR Kabel ist ein Geniestreich - das da vorher noch Niemand drauf gekommen ist!!! Endlich keine Midikabel mehr auf dem Boden, die man alle 3 Monate erneuern muss. Für mich gibt es nichts anderes mehr -
Danke für diese geilen Teile!!!
Bernd Kiltz.



Im using the XTMpro with additionnal Peavey JSX cable. As non MIDI stack, the great JSX cant be controled with standard MIDI footswitch. Until PROSTAGE got in the house ! Thanks to XTMpro, Im now able to switch between Clean / Crunch and Lead via one single foot stroke on my GT10 controler. Thats really great. I was first thinking of buying another stack but its a cruel dilemma when you just love your sound. I must say the PROSTAGE products (and team) really changed my stage life for a very reasonable fee !
High quality products. Ride on guys !

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XTMpro-R - MIDI Switcher | Adapter

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