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MIDI Hand Controller

MIDI Hand Controller

Hand Controller to recall 128 different MIDI programs. The hand controller is connected via a microphone cable with the supplied XTM (XLR to MIDI) adapter. (Note: This XLR connection is NOT StageWire!)

  • Sends Program Change 0-127 (optional 999 programs).
  • MIDI over XLR interconnecting system (This connection is NOT StageWire!)
  • Membrane Keyboard (0-9, Enter, Clear).
  • 3 digit display (0-127 or 1-128).
  • Two different operating modes:
    • As numeric keyboard: The number is entered first, the # and * keys then have the function "enter" and "clear".
    • Like a Foot Controller with bank up/down function.
  • Delay-Tap and Sidekick Functions.
  • Dimensions: 150 x 82 x 46 mm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg

Required accessories::

Bundle contains:
1x XHC MIDI Hand Controller
1x XTM (XLR to MIDI) adapter

Users Manual

XHC Users Manual


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MIDI Hand Controller

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MIDI Hand Controller
  • MIDI Hand Controller
  • MIDI Hand Controller