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StageWire Technology

StageWire is a technology developed by Prostage especially for use on stage. StageWire is a connection that enables several devices to communicate with each other via a standard microphone cable. StageWire is four times faster than MIDI. Using only one microphone cable from device to device, they communicate with each other in both directions (bi-directional). Furthermore, the foot controllers are powered over the microphone cable. The advantages of the XLR connection are strikingly obvious:

  • Safe connection between foot controller and amplifier/effect rack
  • Spare cable available any time
  • Extendable cord
  • Locked plugs
  • Power supply and MIDI signal over the microphone cable
  • Up to 14 foot controllers and displays can be interconnected directly (daisy chain)
  • Send data over multicore-cables | cable length of up to 250m
  • The connectors on the foot controllers are positioned in a way that prevents the plugs from damage by treading

Prostage foot controllers do not have standard MIDI connectors. The foot controllers are connected via StageWire directly to the XDS | XLS Loop & Switch system. If you are not using an XDS | XLS and like to connect a Prostage foot controller with your existing MIDI equipment, you will need a XTMpro adaptor.

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MIDI over Microphone Cable