All you need to know about building your dream guitar rig:

How is a guitar system wired correctly? How do you avoid noise, hum and signal loss?

In my email coaching you will learn what you have to pay attention to. I'll explain easy to understand how to build your guitar rig correctly and how to get the best sound out of your rig!

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Guitar Rig Building Guide

In my free email coaching you will learn:

  • How you avoid losses of dynamics and transparency?
  • How you reduce noise to a minimum?
  • How you avoid hum?
  • What is impedance and how does it influence your sound?
  • How is a guitar rig wired correctly?
  • What are the advantages of True Bypass?
  • What is the difference between serial and parallel loops?
  • How does the effects order affect the signal?
  • And much more ...

These tips help you to avoid tone sucking mistakes and get the best sound you've ever had! Wire your dream rack for a maximum of tone clarity and transparency by avoiding simple rookie mistakes.

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What our customers say
Dietrick Hardwick
Not only is Lukas a brilliant solutions-oriented engineer, but he goes out of his way to impart is extraordinary wealth of knowledge to others selflessly. He is quick to address any level of inquiry about not just the incredible line of Prostage products, but how best to integrate them in often very complex and diverse rigs to get the most efficient results. He Is responsive, passionate and hands-on with his work and was perfectly willing to accommodate a special request for me and advise me how to figure out and work through unorthodox configuration with my gear. There is no question that his standards for quality, practical application, and durability are world-class. I'm very fortunate to have discovered his work and I'll just close by saying Lukas is going to go very far and if you are considering working with him or buying a Prostage product, do it. You will be working with the best.
Dietrick Hardwick, Florida
Bernd Kiltz
Already, after the first few lines, you will realize that Lukas Truninger's knowledge is based on live experience. Everything you need to know about wiring and setting up your guitar rig, is conveyed here in an understandable way and with Swiss accuracy. In addition, this email coaching contains a few hints and tricks which you might not realise yourself - that's a really well-written coaching I would have liked to have when I put together my first equipment 20 years ago. Highly recommended. Thank you Lukas!
Bernd Kiltz, Germany

Free Guitar Rig Building Coaching

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Everything you need to know to avoid hum, noise and signal loss.