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MIDI Volume Pedal (VCA)

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Prostage MIDI Volume Pedal (VCA)
Prostage MIDI Volume Pedal (VCA)
Prostage MIDI Volume Pedal (VCA) front
Prostage MIDI Volume Pedal (VCA) rear

Since I wanted to have the complete signal processing in the rack and because I play wireless, a normal volume pedal for volume control was out of the question. This would have meant to carry out a long cable from the rack to the volume pedal and back again. I did not want to do this with my signal. So I searched the net. The MVC was available only used at that time, and the Prostage Remote Volume definitely had the better prospects because of its features. This little box is simply worth the money and essential facilitated my daily work on stage.
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The Prostage Remote Volume is a MIDI volume pedal which let's you control the volume of your guitar remotely with an expression pedal. The effects unit is installed inside the guitar rack. Sound and dynamic losses caused by long guitar cable to the front of the stage and back are omitted.

The Remote Volume is designed using a 100% analog audio circuit. Thus, the guitar signal does not have to pass AD/DA converters and retains its natural dynamics.

The volume is controlled via MIDI. Presets for different types of volume control can be stored, eg:

  • Normal volume pedal: mute to normal volume (unity gain)
  • Slight level reduction to soften the distortion
  • Solo boost from normal volume up to + 31dB

By default, the Remote Volume works as a regular volume pedal. To create your own presets, you will either need a software sequencer with MIDI interface or the Prostage XTMpro adapter (or XDS | XLS).

The free Prostage System Manager software for XTMpro | XDS | XLS provides a clearly arranged window for the configuration of the Remote Volume pedal. MIDI knowledge is not required.

If you like to program the Remote Volume with a software sequencer / MIDI interface, MIDI knowledge (sysex) is required.

  • Volume control using a VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)
  • Level Booster up to 31dB
  • Works internally with +-18 volts
  • Pure analog audio circuit
  • Controlled via MIDI
  • A voltage-controlled circuit, called a VCA takes the task of the potentiometer. The VCA is controlled remotely via MIDI.
  • MIDI controlled parameters: Volume, Lin oder Log response curve, Output gain, range of the volume (quietest to loudest volume), Bypass
  • Easy creation of presets using the System Manager software on your Mac or PC. (XTMpro adapter or XDS | XLS Loop & Switch system required).
  • Connections: Audio In/Out; MIDI In/Thru, power supply
  • Sturdy case made of sheet steel
  • Power supply: 9V AC; 50mA
  • Dimensions (without mounting lugs): 145 x 86 x 44 mm

Required accessories:
9V AC Power supply

Test Reports

Test reports are available only in German at the moment.

Audio Samples by Robby Mildenberger:


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