Prostage provides a range of different audio loop switcher, amp channel switchers and MIDI adapters. Together with the Remote WahWah, the Prostage system lets you remotely control your entire guitar rig. Here are just a few samples how to you can use the Prostage loop switcher:

  • Use the XTMpro-R MIDI switcher to change amp channels.
  • Put your pedalboard inside the guitar rack using the innovative Prostage XDS audio looper. It let's you remotely switch your stompbox effect pedals. The 19" drawer provides space for eight stompboxes.
  • Use the XLS audio looper to include 19inch effects devices into the signal path - respectively, exclude them completely from the signal path when the effect is not used.

All Prostage audio loopers are true-bypass loop systems. This means that the signal from the input goes directly to the output when no loop is switched on. The effects are only in the signal path when the corresponding loop is turned on. The loops can also be used to distribute the signal to different amplifiers (switchable) or mute the signal for tuning.

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XDS - 19" Pedalboard | Looper for 8 Stompbox Effects
Build your own 19“ effects device using your preferred stompboxes! Replace an effect unit whenev..
848.00 € ≈ $ 1,001.57
Ex Tax: 700.83 € ≈ $ 827.75
Based on 6 reviews.
XLS - 19" True Bypass Looper | Effects Switcher
The XLS true bypass looper | switcher controls your complete guitar rig. Whether you need to loo..
588.00 € ≈ $ 694.49
Ex Tax: 485.95 € ≈ $ 573.96
Based on 5 reviews.
XTMpro-R - MIDI Switcher | Adapter
The XTMpro-R MIDI Switcher is the control center for a complete guitar rig. Four relays perform ..
259.00 € ≈ $ 305.90
Ex Tax: 214.05 € ≈ $ 252.81
Based on 4 reviews.
XTMpro - MIDI Adapter | Mapper
The XTMpro MIDI adapter | MIDI Mapper is the control center and the heart of a Prostage system. ..
189.00 € ≈ $ 223.23
Ex Tax: 156.20 € ≈ $ 184.49
Based on 1 reviews.

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