Prostage provides a complete range of products which allows you to remote control your entire guitar rig. The analog guitar effects include the Remote WahWah (a MIDI controled Rack WahWah), the Remote Volume (a MIDI controled volume pedal / VCA) and the Buffer | Booster | Line Driver | Impedance matcher for general guitar rig wiring. The advantage of rack mounted guitar effects are obvious: you need far less guitar cable and you omit the associated sound and dynamic losses.

Prostage is your specialist for completly remote controled guitar rigs.

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Remote Wah Wah - MIDI controllable, analog rack Wah Wah pedal
The Prostage Remote Wah Wah is an effect unit to be installed inside the guitar rack. It is remo..
289.00 € ≈ $ 341.34
Ex Tax: 238.84 € ≈ $ 282.10
Based on 10 reviews.
Remote Volume (VCA) - MIDI volume pedal
The Prostage Remote Volume is a MIDI volume pedal which let's you control the volume of your gui..
189.00 € ≈ $ 223.23
Ex Tax: 156.20 € ≈ $ 184.49
Based on 3 reviews.
XB1 - Buffer Pedal | Boost Pedal | Guitar Line Driver | Impedance Matcher
The Prostage Buffer / Boost Pedal is a practical problem solver for wiring guitar racks. It can ..
89.00 € ≈ $ 105.12
Ex Tax: 73.55 € ≈ $ 86.87
Based on 2 reviews.

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