Prostage X10 - MIDI foot pedal; recall up to 999 Presets The X10 MIDI foot pedal lets you recall up to 999 sounds / presets. Various operating modes are .. Category: Anvils Product #: X10 5 stars, based on 4 reviews Regular price: 428.00 € ≈ $ 505.51 $428.00 € ≈ $ 505.51 Available from: Prostage SL Condition: excellent condition In Stock
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X10 - MIDI Foot Pedal

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Prostage MIDI foot pedal front
Prostage MIDI foot pedal front
Prostage MIDI foot pedal rear

I am running an X10 Foot Controller for switching channels & the soundmodes of a Diezel Einstein that was modified at Prostage with an XTMpro (with relays option - awesome mod !!!). MIDI thru is switching my TC rack-fx and all this works like a dream. Had a few questions with the initial setup, but Lukas at Prostage helped me out in no time at all. It is a pleasure if one can get in touch with the manufacturer directly and the support at Prostage is the best I've ever experienced.
Axel Bartig, Germany
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The X10 MIDI foot pedal lets you recall up to 999 sounds / presets. Various operating modes are available:

  • 99 songs with up to 10 sounds each.
  • Standard MIDI foot pedal with bank steps of 10.
  • "Keyboard Style": first, enter the preset number, then confirm with 'enter'.
  • Bottom row for presets (with bank steps of 5), top row for direct access switches (CC).

In combination with the required Prostage XTMpro adapter or XDS | XLS Loop & Switch system, the X10 foot pedal manages the complete MIDI gear, amp channels and stompboxes. Tap and Sideckick functions as well as the large 1 inch display round off the features of the X10 MIDI foot pedal.

The programming is very simple and easy using the free System Manager software (Mac & PC).

The Prostage MIDI foot pedals are connected using a standard microphone cable to the XTMpro adaptor respectively XDS | XLS Loop & Switch system. The cable transmits the MIDI data and also supplies the foot pedal with power (more infos about the StageWire technology ).

The connectors are positioned in a way that prevents the plugs from damage by treading. The singer may therefore confidently tread with full force onto the connectors.

Up to 14 Prostage MIDI foot pedals can be interconnected directly. Thus, several MIDI foot pedals can be used in different places of the stage or even an additional MIDI foot pedal for the guitar tech.

  • Can work with songs & setlists or presets.
  • Can recall up to 999 presets (Bank Select & Program Change).
  • You can freely define the used numbers of presets (so that bank steps do not lead to unused areas).
  • Direct switching functions (Instant Access; Control Change; also known as "Stompbox-Mode").
  • Up to eight different MIDI messages per preset (Program Change or Control Change) via the MIDI mapping of the XDS | XLS | XTMpro.
  • Large 1-inch display.
  • Can be complemented with the big Prostage Tuner | Text Display.
  • Twelve high-quality buttons with noticeable "click" (0-9, bank up & down).
  • StageWire Technology (connection to the foot controller via microphone cable).
  • Phantom powered via the microphone cable / StageWire.
  • Link-Connector; several foot controllers can be interconnected directly (daisy chain).
  • Connector for two Expression Pedals.
  • Different operating modes
  • Delay-Tap and Sidekick functions.
  • Programming via System Manager software
  • Very sturdy case (1.5 mm sheet steel).
  • No plastic parts.
  • Anti-sliding rubber mat.
  • Space between switches: 80 mm
  • Dimensions: 675 x 165 x 60 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

Required accessories:
Prostage XTMpro adapter or XDS | XLS Loop & Switch System.
(Further infos about the Prostage System).

Test Reports

Test reports are available only in German at the moment.

Videos (You Tube)

Prostage product presentation
XDS Loop&Switch System | X10 Foot Controller
XLS Loop&Switch System | X07 & X10 Foot Controller
System Manager Software

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